Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1920's notes, 8-2

Chapter 8
Section 2

Rise of Industry
-more people had cars than indoor plumbing in 1925
-this was a time of increased income, increased vacations, mass production, and decreased costs

Assembly line -
-production time for the Model T, or 'tin lizzie' dropped to 93 minutes per car
-prices dropped from $850- $490 as Ford noted that every $1 he lowered the cost of a car, he got 1000 more buyers
-Ford increased wages
-Ford Spyed on workers
-Cars had huge impact, ex: 15% of nation's steel

Social impact of Automobile
-creates new businesses
-made small towns closer to cities

Consumer Goods
-electric razors, tissue, frozen food
-cleaning products
-advertising - cosmetics, etc
"sliced bread"

Mass Advertising

-Wright Brothers may have invented the plane, Glenn Curtiss made it useful
 -1918, Airmail
-1927 Lindbergh crosses ocean
-1928 - 48 commercial airlines

Radio Industry
-1920 KDKA
-1926 NBC
-1927 700 stations
-1928 CBS

Consumer Credit
"installment plan"

Farm Crisis
-after war, production stays high
-production increases with more innovations
-demand steady, prices drop
-farmers losing money.

Now go HERE and do the following review, using a book.

Now read Chapter 8, section 3.

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