Monday, March 17, 2014

Study Review, open book test. Put on Blog.

Write down and fill in this outline. Then, go back and create an introduction and conclusion. You will get 5 points (max) for each roman numeral. You will receive a max of 35 for the outline. We will have class time (2 days, but not the full class). Then it will be due.

Here is the question you are answering with this outline: Thoroughly Discuss the Causes and Effects of the Depression? What were the various solutions? What were criticisms leveled at the New Deal? How effective was the New Deal? What were it’s lasting effects? I have included some 'prompting' lines around the way to help you understand the process.

I Intro (Leave Blank for now)

II Causes (The causes of the great depression were ________, _______, ________)
A overspeculation (Define, how important)

B Govt Policy

C Unstable Econ

1 uneven prosperity

2 overproduction

3 worker issues / farm issues

III Effects

A Poverty

B Society

C World

IV Solutions

A Hoover

1 Volunteerism

2 Public Works

3 Hawley Smoot


B Roosevelt

1 new deal

a alphabet soup




b Criticsim?

2 2nd new deal



V Criticicism

B Political Criticism (ex. Came from both the ____________ and ______________)

A Conservatives

B Liberals (ex: criticised the new deal also. They....)



VI Effectiveness

A Changes in US

B Unions

C Culture

VII Conclusion

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