Tuesday, November 19, 2013

imperialism and industrialism

Get in your working groups.
Each person choose one of the Following
You will submit your post here.

*1)The Sinking of the Maine:  Using the material in the book, give specific evidence from 1898 that supported the belief  that the SPANISH were responsible for SINKING IT, vs. the 1976 Modern Interpretation.  Cite specific primary source evidence (the two pages on 308).  Give a brief description of the events that happened, and it's significance.  Cite book pages, internet sources, include title and picture.

***2) What do you think about whether or not the US should be an Imperialist nation?  What is imperialism?  Should we be imperialist (in 1900).
 Incorporate in your research and writing: Eyewitness to History, p. 318.

Cite evidence (pro and con).How did Bryan, Roosevelt and Platt differ in their views about the role of the US in international politics and about the competence of people in other countries to government themselves.?

**3) First, what was industrialisation and what were it's affects on America.
then go to P. 285-- using this, and your outside sources Explain the views of the three sources, and give your view of the life of an industrial worker.

Explain what the different views of how workers should be treated, and what do YOU THINK.

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