Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Radio Hour.

Radio Show;
Groups of 2-5.
Write a Radio Show Script.
Each person must create an 'element' of the show.
Possible Elements...
A NEWS Show,
A Soap opera, or part of a radio serial (like the Lone Ranger)

research the kinds of things on the radio in 20's and 30's.
incorporate this.
Copy each other's scripts, so each of you have the full scripts online.

Later, you'll have to record on garage band!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


CRAZY pics from Ukraine rebellion

Test Review


Sacco-Vanzetti case
Ku Klux KlN
Scopes Monkey Trial
Name an artist or writer, why important
Mass Media
Sports Heros
Harlem renaissance
Great Migration
Cotton club
Marcus Garvey
Warren G Harding
Teapot Dome Scandal
Mass Production

Short Essay Possibilities: (6 pts)
What happened to farmers, what does this foreshadow
2-3 key events and importance of the radio industry
What was the social impact of the Automobile
How did the role of women change during the 20s
Why was there a rise of nativism and racism in the 20s
Summarize Poisoners handbook; Give one example; how did it change America

Possible Review questions:
Pick two groups weve studied and explain how their lives had improved, or not, since the beginning of American history.

By 1930, how has technology changed the life for Americans?  Imagine life in 1800?, 1870?  1930? 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1920's notes, 8-2

Chapter 8
Section 2

Rise of Industry
-more people had cars than indoor plumbing in 1925
-this was a time of increased income, increased vacations, mass production, and decreased costs

Assembly line -
-production time for the Model T, or 'tin lizzie' dropped to 93 minutes per car
-prices dropped from $850- $490 as Ford noted that every $1 he lowered the cost of a car, he got 1000 more buyers
-Ford increased wages
-Ford Spyed on workers
-Cars had huge impact, ex: 15% of nation's steel

Social impact of Automobile
-creates new businesses
-made small towns closer to cities

Consumer Goods
-electric razors, tissue, frozen food
-cleaning products
-advertising - cosmetics, etc
"sliced bread"

Mass Advertising

-Wright Brothers may have invented the plane, Glenn Curtiss made it useful
 -1918, Airmail
-1927 Lindbergh crosses ocean
-1928 - 48 commercial airlines

Radio Industry
-1920 KDKA
-1926 NBC
-1927 700 stations
-1928 CBS

Consumer Credit
"installment plan"

Farm Crisis
-after war, production stays high
-production increases with more innovations
-demand steady, prices drop
-farmers losing money.

Now go HERE and do the following review, using a book.

Now read Chapter 8, section 3.

Friday, February 7, 2014

1920s timeline

READ THIS, EVERY WORD.  ALOUD, if you have to.

This is a timeline project which means I need your specific blog post.
Here is the link to your assignments -- > LINK
Here is the link where you can link to your post --> LINK
Create your post, and publish it, and give me the link FIRST.  Then edit it later.  This way I can build the time line, while you write your paper!

Usual expectations
250-300 words
2 sources
No plagiarism
If you find a youtube video, I can help you post it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



1. Main Idea of 7-1
2. Perception of immigration? How did it affect Jobs.
3. Sacco and Vanzetti?
4. Anarchist
5. Eugenics
6. KKK
7. William. Simmons
8. Emergency Quota Act
9. Origins Act
10. Mexican Immigration
11. The new morality
12. Women. In the 20’s
13. Fundamentalism
14. Scopes
15. Prohibition (Explain)