Friday, September 20, 2013

lecture and review

DEFINE EACH  and EXPLAIN it’s relationship to the chapter 

Leif Ericsson
Christopher Columbus
Subsistence farming
Great Awakening
French and Indian War
Stamp Act
Intolerable Acts
Triangular trade
Declaration of independence

-What is the COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE, give 3-4 examples, and explain why is it significant.
Why did the pilgrims leave England?  What is their lasting impact on America?
Outline/Diagram the triangular trade.  Show parts, and direction of travel.

-What were the strengths and weaknesses of the US and British forces in the US revolution.  Why did America win?

"...and the bones and skulls upon several places of their habitations made such a spectacle after my coming into these parts, that, as I traveled in the Forest near the Massachusetts, it seemed to me a new found Golgotha"

in New England in 1619, English Trader Thomas Morton

Explain What he saw, and why?

Guns, Germs, Steel:
Using references to the Video we watched, the quotations we read, and our book, what are the theories about the demise of the Indians?  What do you think happened, and support your position.

US Revolution:
Short description of the events that lead to the war, using events in your book.

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